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Decision Making

Decision Making

Decision Making

Dawood ask the two angels:

One angel informs Dawood AS that his partner has 99 sheep and he has only one sheep. However the partner wants his one sheep too. Dawood as immediately says the person claiming the one sheep was wrong.  Then he realizes that it was a test from Allah most merciful and that he had made a wrong judgement without listening to the other party as well.

Lesson learnt

“Don’t judge without listening to all sides”.  

The quran also advises us

“O you who believe if a sinful person brings you a report verify its correctness lest you should harm a people out of ignorance and then regret on what you did”

I don’t have to give any examples for this as the message itself is very clear. Most of us are guilty of making wrong decisions or judgements based on hearing one side of the story. Due to lack of sabr on our part we make this mistake many times

This advice is also important in the wake of fake news becoming prevalent in our times.