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To operate a

To operate a "Successful Business" we need discipline & Islamic Faith embodies discipline

To operate a "Successful Business" we need discipline & Islamic Faith embodies discipline

Take for example the five pillars of Islam

To maintain our Faith or Iman, we have to control and discipline our thoughts, mind, and all other senses, in business too we must maintain focus and ensure we control our moods and possess a high EQ to  manage customers, employees and suppliers.

Prayers encourage mindfulness and not allowing irrelevant thoughts to disturb us throughout the prayer. One who regularly prays imam Jamath has an additional advantage of finishing his tasks with a sense of urgency, so as to be in time for prayers and being conscious of every hour and how it is utilized.

Zakath or mandatory charity ensures we keep records of our financial assets throughout the year to pay zakath. We also have to create the excess liquidity during Ramadan to pay off the zakath.  For this the discipline of cash flow management is needed.

Fasting creates the discipline of our tongue and enables empathy towards the  employee’s difficulties (on account of the hunger we undergo). It brings us to back to reality by creating humility.

Haj requires a sacrifice in our time and money but the relevant lesson we learn for our business, is tolerance and patience which we must practice during haj. The challenge of being accommodative towards large crowds in close proximity of different backgrounds and even countries, with different behavior is both a lesson and a challenge, for patience and tolerance.
Haj also ensures completely forgetting our status back home and keeping our ego at home as well. Ego and being headstrong are part and parcel of becoming successful for many entrepreneurs and Nabi sas has taught us duas to seek protect from arrogance in affluence. The down fall of business due to rapid expansion can be related to overconfidence based on past success and lack of risk analysis and mitigation plus SWOT analysis and budgeting not done.

A practical example of Discipline can be seen during the commencement of five times prayer at the Kaaba. A large mingling crowd of people (2.5million pilgrims in 2023)  jostling with each other and circumambulating the Kaaba in a disorganized manner hear the Adhan (call for Prayer) and within a period of 5 minutes you see them all neatly arranged in rows. This discipline is purely an act of faith.

Nabi sas said after a battle to the sahabah "We have comeback from the lesser Jihad to the greater Jihad. The Sahabah asked "is there any greater Jihad than the Jihad against the Kuffars". He said Yes Jihad al nafs ie Jihad against yourself.  In essence this is SELF DISCIPLINE.
Nabi Sas says: The powerful are not those who conquer others but those who conquer themselves.