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Importance of Knowledge Management

Importance of Knowledge Management

Importance of Knowledge Management

Quran has been preserved by the command of Allah and even the deviant groups have not been able to change the original Arabic text. The Hadiths (actions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammed sas) have been preserved through a well-documented chain of narrators.

Today knowledge management and importance of documenting and transmitting knowledge has become a mission critical in all organizations, regardless of size.

There are specialized MBA programs on the subject of Knowledge Management today. Specialized knowledge management software is also available for organizations to record and document their business processes and secrets.

Such a document when prepared by an Organization is referred to as the Standards & Operations Manual (SOP)

In our business too we must have all our business processes documented (rules of our business) so that all staff work according to the rules. If new staff join we can induct them rapidly using this manual. Most important the business becomes less people dependent.

Another benefit from this manual is when you want to implement a computer system to cover your entire business, this manual becomes very useful.

Also you can use this manual to keep updating regularly the learnings and mistakes.