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Skillful Negotiations

Skillful Negotiations

Skillful Negotiations

Treaty & it Turned Out to be Great

Our beloved Nabi Sas was in a difficult position in Hudabiyah as he was in  a weaker position than the makkans who were demanding him to sign a treaty which was not fair and in addition many of the sahabah including Omar RA were not happy at the agreement he was about to sign.

However Nabi sas went ahead and signed the treaty and it turned out to be a great victory for the Muslims.

Lessons Learnt:

1) Leaders must make a decision if he is sure and even if everyone else is not in favor. However when making such decisions the leader must have all the facts in front of him.

2)  Leaders must be able to think outside the box and have the ability to see beyond the obvious. 

3)  Leaders must have the guts to make decisions which may be temporarily disadvantages to the organization because he can see a long or mid - term benefit

Win-Win Situations

Bottom line is anyone can make the right decision when it’s a win-win situation, but the successful people take risks and move forward, even though the decision looks unfavorable.

The benefits are not only from the deal at stake but the hidden benefits which is the wisdom of a true leader.