Best Business Practices

Planning is the best form of Intelligence

Planning is the best form of Intelligence

Planning is the best form of Intelligence

Planning is the best form of Intelligence

Abu Dharr RA narrates that Rasullah SAS said to him “Oh Abu Dharr there is no Intelligence like Planning.”

Today like knowledge management, Planning too has become a key tool in business. Project Planning is also conducted at Masters’ level and there is a globally recognized program called PMP (project management & planning).

Project Managers are in high demand globally and can work in any industry from construction to software with the PMP or Master’s qualification. They do not have to be experts in Construction or software.

Planning for us as businessmen is essential part of our life. Many organizations perform an annual plan prior to the end of the financial year. This includes budgeting, sales forecast etc.. Their annual plan is separated into 12 months.  Each month’s work is divided into weekly achievements and to ensure successful execution a weekly performance review is conducted.

Allah Most merciful says “He is the best of Planners” This alone goes to show how important planning is.

Time Management

Nabi Sas was the greatest leader, law maker, army commander and reformist. Also he is considered the most influential person who ever lived by Michael Hart who was an absolute white racist.

Despite all the above responsibilities, Nabi sas had scheduled times for his worship and family visits

Time is the only thing we cannot increase thus spending it wisely by organizing our personal life is high priority for all of us.

Ensuring all employees are effectively utilized in any business is important especially in the service industry, where the employee man hour rate is the basis upon which it earns.

For example the software industry uses resource management optimizer software. All employees are assigned multiple tasks and each task has budgeted hours and completion date. During the daily performance review, the Team Leader ensures that the employee have completed each task on the scheduled date within the budgeted hours.

Ensuring employee productivity in any organization is a priority, not just the service industry, thus it is recommended that resource management software is applied across all white collar employees.

One simple advice is to include six rakaths of Dhuha prayer daily before we leave home. The first two rakaths is to thank Allah for the 360 joints in our body, the second two is for barakah in our time and the last two is for our needs to be fulfilled.

Sense of Urgency & Execution Skills

Nabi sas was very efficient. He had excellent XQ (Execution Quotient) i.e. ability to get things done.

The secret of Nabi sas efficiency, was his sense of urgency. Once a task was decided he would make a plan and execute as fast as possible.

 A good example was the battle of Khandaq. Salman Faris RA, the Persian advised Nabi SAS to build a trench to prevent the combined forces from penetrating the defences of Al -Madeena. Nabi SAS decide to go ahead and immediately actioned the idea.

We know in our personal life anything we decide to do later, rarely gets done.

The sense of urgency is created when we start by making a plan and assigning a responsibilities with time lines and then periodic reviews to ensure it gets actioned.

In this example too we see the value of ensuring delivery on time without procrastination