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Importance of Seeking Professional Knowledge

Importance of Seeking Professional Knowledge

Importance of Seeking Professional Knowledge

Mashoora has been advocated in many hadiths by Nabi sas & today we call it brainstorming where people meet and exchange thoughts on an issue & come up with an action plan.

Mashoora is powerful because it can be used to seeking knowledge from outside, the Quran states that we must seek knowledge from those who know.

Obtaining mashoora from experts or consultants before making a decision is a necessity because there is so much specialized knowledge available on every subject and we must be willing to pay the consultant for his time.

Most of us feel obliged to pay Lawyers and Architects for their specialized knowledge, similarly we need to invest in Professional knowledge in areas like Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing etc.

For small and medium enterprises who don’t have a senior  Finance person , can opt for  Financial Consultants to advise in managing working capital, where our money is tied up in inventory, debtors and managing our creditors.

Using Azure cloud services we can perform Inventory forecasting thus managing inventory to keep raw material imports arriving on time or ensuring adequate Inventory. JIT Inventory management and on time delivery by production reduces the working capital requirements. Here too we have specialized consultants.