Best Business Practices




After Musa AS enabled his wife to be, to water the flock, she goes to her father & says to recruit Musa  because he has Ability & he is Trustworthy.

What is key here is that “Ability gets priority over Trust”

Again Nabi sas makes dua “O Allah strengthen Islam with one two men whom you love more: Abu Jahl or Umar ibn al Khattab --  Umar ra was chosen by Michael Hart a white racist as the 52nd most influential person in the world history, even higher than Julius Caesar. Nabi sas along with his many abilities was able to identify the right people to help him in his mission.

Compare this to our recruitment policies for our business where the priority is to give jobs and top positions to our family members, without proper training.

All employees joining our firm have their IQ tested, it is a 25 minute test. For employees in the Finance field also we have a specific test. This enables us to recruit competent people at a reasonable cost.

Hiring the right person is one of the most important thing in our business so let us invest time in choosing the right candidate.